72 horas en Seúl

En fechas recientes tuve la oportunidad de viajar a Asia con motivo de mi luna de miel y hacer un increíble recorrido que nos llevó a conocer Japón, Tailandia, Laos, Camboya, Myanmar, Malasia, Singapur, Indonesia y Corea. Mi última parada fue precisamente en Seúl, una... read more

Peking Duck at Da Dong Beijing

There is no way you can go to the birthplace of the Peking duck and not make an event out of eating duck. Of course you can imagine that for our foodie family deciding what restaurant we were going to, was a huge deal. After asking around and doing our research, we... read more

Mercato by Jean-Georges

This past December, my family and I travelled to China for the first time. Being the foodie of the family, I asked friends and family who had been in China before to give me restaurant recommendations. Every person that gave me tips for Shanghai, included Mercato a... read more

Temple Restaurant Beijing

Our first day in Beijing was a very exciting one. Previous to arriving, we had read that the weather was going to be colder than in Shanghai (the first destination on our trip), but I don’t think we were really prepared for what it was really going to be like. Our... read more

Eating in Shanghai 

Some people might say Shanghai is the “New York” of China, by being the most cosmopolitan city in the country. Shanghai is the financial hub of one of the largest countries in the world, and has an exciting gastronomy scene thanks to the mix of traditional... read more