Get to Know Rodolfo Castellanos: Top Chef México

On this occasion we spoke to Oaxacan chef Rodolfo Castellano, who in 2016 rose to fame for winning the first edition of Top Chef Mexico. Rodolfo studied gastronomy at the Culinary Institute of Mexico in Puebla and, after completing his studies, won the Turquois... read more

6 Reasons to Visit the New Pujol

Enrique Olvera has become an important spokesperson for Mexican cuisine worldwide. Seventeen years after opening Pujol in Mexico City, his haute Mexican cuisine restaurant known as one of the world’s best, he is now opening a new venue at Tennyson 133. The old Pujol,... read more

Where to Eat in Peru

I made my first trip to Peru for New Year’s, a destination I had wanted to visit for many years. Not only to get to know its amazing tourist sites, but also for its spectacular and diverse gastronomy. I was so excited, I asked for suggestions from whoever mentioned... read more

Peru and its Gastronomic Revolution

We knew very little of Peruvian cuisine twenty-five years ago, a country that was submerged in terrorism and insecurity back then, due to the Sendero Luminoso movement. Nobody could foresee that would all change a few years later, and a “Peruvian gastronomy... read more

48 hours in San Miguel de Allende

Those of us who live in CDMX together with 20 million other residents, smog, traffic and stress, seek to leave the capital on the weekends at every chance we get, change scenery, and rest from the metropoli’s hustle. San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato, located a... read more

Storm King : A hidden treasure in NY

Everybody knows New York City has no shortage of things to do. From museums to theater shows, shopping or our personal favorite- eating, there are countless of things to do. There are so many things to do in fact, that we tend to focus solely in Manhattan when... read more

Viceroy Los Cabos: What’s New in San José del Cabo

For decades, Acapulco was the tourist destination for Mexico’s jet set. Today, high-end beach destinations, where foreigners and nationals go on vacation, are Riviera Maya and Los Cabos in Baja California. Los Cabos is a paradise between two seas, the Pacific Ocean... read more

7 Things You Didn’t Know about The Shops at Downtown

Los capitalinos, gozamos pasear por el Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México los fines de semana. Sabiendo que las calles estarán más vacías, podemos admirar los monumentos históricos entre ellos el Palacio de Bellas Artes y la Catedral Metropolitana, y visitar... read more

New York City Concierges Reveal Some Unbelievable Stories

Not all superheroes wear capes, concierges in high-end hotels in New York are the real MVP’s. We all know they have the necessary connections to make even the impossible happen. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to make guests happy so they keep... read more