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Mar Adentro: What’s New in San José del Cabo

by | Nov 25, 2016

For decades, Acapulco was the tourist destination for Mexico’s jet set. Today, high-end beach destinations, where foreigners and nationals go on vacation, are Riviera Maya and Los Cabos in Baja California.

Los Cabos is a paradise between two seas, the Pacific Ocean and Cortes Sea. An ideal beach destination for those who love playing golf and go fishing while relaxing at one of the paradise hotels found in this desert. Despite the vast variety of well-established luxury hotels, including One & Only Palmilla, Ventanas al Paraíso and Esperanza. The hotel offer continues to grow and impress all guests. Such is the case of Mar Adentro, a new hotel that will astonish you upon entering.




Mar Adentro is an innovative five-stars hotel located in San José del Cabo, from the same creator and owner of the Encanto hotel in Acapulco. This is a zen area, with a modern architecture in prevailing white, an ideal place where to relax and disconnect. The creative mastermind behind this spectacular project is Miguel Ángel Aragonés, a renowned architect who has received distinguished awards, including the Architectural Design Award granted in 2007 by the International Association of Lighting Designers, and Architect of the Year by Conde Nást in 2014.




Miguel Ángel states: “The first time I visited the land and perceived the desert with the water behind on a horizontal line, diaphanous, clear, I felt the water’s enormous pulse amidst a scorching sun, this plot of land in the middle of a coast crowded by all-inclusive resorts had to be a box that contained its own sea and, perhaps, its own air.”

Just as the architect had imagined, years later he made his dream come true. Creating a space where the impressive view of the sea is the project’s focal point. Water flows and outlines the hotel, a type of Medina open to sea. Each of the 244 rooms has a view of the sea, nobody abstains from experiencing such beauty.





In addition to the five-star amenities, including brand soaps, Pineda Covalin in this case, and ready-to-use ironed and starched robes; each room has a tablet to manage a variety of controls: the light’s intensity and hue (you can modify the room’s ambiance in the color of your choice), open and close the curtains, order room service, and even control the air conditioning’s temperature. Modern full-technology in the middle of the desert!




Regarding the gastronomic offer of Mar Adentro, the hotel has two restaurants (Origen and Nido) and a bar where to have a few drinks upon the sunset in background. Guests can enjoy Mexican and international dishes for breakfast and lunch at Nido, a restaurant with a spectacular structure of a nest made with branches recycled by local craftsmen. I highly suggest you order the veracruzano eggs, egg with beans and chorizo tacos for breakfast, and the shrimp aguachile or fish tiradito for lunch.




The Origen restaurant is the ideal spot for a romantic dinner with a view of the building’s reflection on the water surrounding the property. I suggest you start the evening with a glass of rosé, and then the tostada trio and grilled octopus.

Mar Adentro has an oval pool in dark colors, in contrast with the surrounding white pool cots. If you’d rather relax at the edge of the sea, the extensive beach is ideal. To get to the beach, you must walk through the long halls similar in design as those by famous Japanese architect Tadao Ando. Once you get to the sand, don’t forget to search for the shower hidden amidst the nest.




Miguel Ángel Aragonés created the ideal hotel for those who love architecture and modern design. I’ve rarely been as astonished by minimalist architecture as I was at Mar Adentro. If you’re planning a trip to Los Cabos, consider staying here! And even if you don’t stay at the hotel, I highly suggest you visit!

Photography: Joe Fletcher