Market Kitchen Mexico City

por | feb 26, 2015

The opening of the Market Kitchen in Mexico City has created big noise in the city. It is one of the few restaurants from the renowned chef Jean- Georges Vongerichten’s in the country so everybody had high expectations. I decided to wait a few months before visiting the place. Openings are always tough and I wanted to have the best experience possible when dining here. I decided last week was time to try this place out. I organized a girls night out with some friends and had dinner here on Friday night. The restaurant is beautiful and really nicely decorated, the location is spacious and you have a lot of privacy between tables. The restaurant was extremely busy when we got there.

Market Bar

We started out with some drinks, I ordered mezcal with hibiscus water. I loved the fresh flavor of it! For dinner I had burrata cheese with a piece of toasted bread. The burrata was very fresh and tasted delicious.


As my main course I got the truffle pizza. I love truffles and I enjoy the taste of it with the pizza, its a good combination. After I finished my first drink I ordered a cucumber gin and tonic. I am a big fan of gin & tonic but the idea of adding another flavor to it, in this case being cucumber gives it a fresher flavor. For dessert we ordered the chocolate cake with melted chocolate in the center and a meringue with fresh berries. Both where amazing, although they weren’t very unique. I personally enjoyed the meringue one the most because I love berries.

MK 030

MK 038

Overall I really enjoyed this place. The whole setting is very high-end geared towards people 30+ who like good food and drinks. The place is expensive but worth it! The modern decoration of the place is something I enjoyed greatly and believe it is one of the best high-end restaurants in the city!