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The 5 Best Aguachiles in Mexico City

by | Apr 27, 2016

The spicier the aguachile the better it tastes…

This is how Mexicans, most enjoy this fresh seafood dish, which is ideal to eat during the warmer months of the year. The aguachile, a popular Mexican dish from the Pacific Coast is made with raw fish or shrimp and marinated with lemon juice, chile, coriander and onion. Cucumber and avocado are sometimes added to neutralize the flavors.

As a big fan of this particular dish, I searched the city to find the best aguachiles in town (Well if you can call Mexico City a “town”). Below are my top five favorites:

La Ostra

A neighborhood fish and seafood joint in La Condesa with two other locations in Polanco and Satelite. La Ostra is a casual eatery, think plastic china and pool-side tiles covering the whole space. The green aguachile is spicy as hell but completely worth it. Other menu items you can’t miss include the tuna tostada and the fish empanada. Rumor has it, that the fish supplier at La Ostra is the same one as Contramar.

Where: Nuevo León 104     Tel. 5286 3319                                                                                                                                                                   



Del Mar

A tiny restaurant with no more than three tables in the sidewalk of Julio Verne street in Polanco. Del Mar specializes in dishes from Sinaloa, Mexico. The black or green aguachiles are to die for, beware because they can be very spicy. You can balance the spiciness with the tostadas they serve you. While you are at it, try the ceviche tostada and the shrimp chicharron taco. The long wait is worth the meal!

Where: Julio Verne 93  Tel. 5282 2142




La Zaranda Miravalle

One of my favorite restaurants overlooking the beautiful Cibeles roundabout. If the weather is nice I strongly recommend you reserve a table outside. This casual restaurant offers a shrimp and cecina (salted meat) aguachile. Although the combination may seem a bit strange the mix of flavors is outstanding, and perfect for first-timers to try out a not so spicy aguachile. You should also try their dobladitas and the zarandeado fish as a main course.

Where: Calle Miravalle 17A  Tel. 67264077


The Mexican food restaurant inside of the Intercontinental Hotel, in Polanco, offers a variety of local dishes influenced by the gastronomy of the state of Oaxaca, where the chef is Josefina López Méndez, a native Oaxacan. The restaurant’s unique design and decoration includes open spaces and walls covered with thousands of pieces of clay with different designs and colors. The food is as impressive as the interior design and the fish aguachile is an absolute must when visiting this place. You should also try the fideo soup, the chapulines (grasshoppers) and the fish barbacoa.

Where: Campos Elíseos 218  Tel. 5327 7700 ext. 5424


Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 4.42.10 PM

Photo Courtesy of Chapulín



This is without a doubt, the fish and seafood restaurant to see and be seen in the city. Contramar is a trendy spot that is always packed with both locals and tourists. If you manage to get a table after a long wait, the aguachile, either shrimp or octopus is outstanding. Be sure to get the tuna tostadas and the pescado a la talla. 

Where: Durango 200 Tel. 5514 9217