Vail, Colorado 

As a fellow Mexican I must say we love to ski. People ask me how come so many Mexicans ski, is it because we don’t have it in our country? I don’t have the exact answer but I can say we love going to different resorts to ski and spend some time with family and friends. As spring break approached I was counting the days to go to Vail. I have been going to Vail since I was a kid so I am pretty familiar with it. We know the mountain and have our favorite slopes and we always frequent the same restaurants.

This time we decided to dine in three of our favorite restaurants. Although there are many options in Vail not all of them are as good. We made reservations for Lancelot, Terra Bistro and Swiss Chalet.

Lancelot is a Vail classic perfect for steak and seafood. The great thing is that the restaurant is casual and friendly. I had a tomato basil soup and shared prime rib as main course. The prime rib was delicious and extremely soft, it melted when it touched your mouth. We had a peanut butter dessert which was very rich but outstanding! This restaurant is perfect for families or big parties, it opens until late which is a bonus.

We went back to Terra Bistro as we do every year, this restaurant keeps getting better. It’s located in the Athletic Club minutes away from Vail Village. The restaurant has a vegetarian touch with international dishes. I got quinoa salad with avocado as a starter and then Colorado trout with vegetables. Everything was delicious! My sisters got some amazing ricotta cheese raviolis. The tiramisu and banana desert where extremely good. This restaurant although it’s expensive is perfect for an intimate date or for families. It’s a must when visiting Vail!

We also had an early dinner at the Swiss Chalet. Having studied in Switzerland the cold weather makes me crave a fondue or raclette and this is the perfect restaurant for that. My only complaint is that when we got there the host told us she needed the table in two hours and we that we needed to leave before. I understand restaurants have tables reserved and must turn the table but I thought that was very disrespectful. As a client you feel rushed and it shows a lack of friendly service. We had chinoise fondue which is where you cook meat and vegetables in broth and the typical cheese fondue, both where delicious.

I would recommend all these restaurants when visiting Vail. Please check back for my next post about nightlife and shopping in Vail.


  • Marilyn Albright
    Posted mayo 12, 2015 3:37 pm 0Likes

    Thanks for liking and following my blog. It was interesting about Mexicans liking to ski – I never thought about that before! I will enjoy checking out your posts, especially concerning Mexico since I spend half of my life there.

    • Michelle on Bell
      Posted mayo 12, 2015 4:52 pm 0Likes

      Marilyn thanks for your comments! It’s interesting knowing the amount of Mexicans who love to ski 🙂 nice to here you spend a long time in Mexico hope you enjoy the country and feel free to comment on future posts!

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