Sushi Damo, NYC

So this time, the restaurant I’m reviewing is in New York City because the youngest Meyer sister is starting college there and I used that as an excuse to head on up for a couple of days before the school grind started again. Make no mistake this was no vacation. Setting up a dorm room is so much work, I don’t think I’ll step into a Bed Bath and Beyond again in a long time.


Although we were hard at work we made time for our eating outings, and let me tell you it made all the heavy lifting worth it. One of the first nights we went to dinner at a casual sushi place called Sushi Damo near Columbus Circle, and I was very pleasantly surprised by how good the food was. We were starving when we got there and ordered more food than we usually would, but everything was so good, we finished everything.


To start off, we ordered some edamame, a seaweed salad, and an avocado and crab salad. This last one was wonderful, the dressing they use is perfect. It compliments the crab great but doesn’t overpower it.  We also ordered the tuna tartare, which was splendid. A tower of avocado and tuna with tobiko on top surrounded by an amazing plum sauce was the perfect way to start our meal.


After that we ordered three rolls: the out of control, the neo roll and the blue-mango roll. Each was better than the previous one. The out of control has spicy tuna, and kaiware inside topped by avocado and more tuna. The Neo roll has yellowtail, jalapeno, kaiware and crunch inside topped with spicy tuna and tobiko. This was my favorite one, the jalapeno really brought the roll home for me. Finally the blue-mango roll is a riceless roll with spicy crab, mango and avocado wrapped with fresh tuna. The three rolls were superb.


Last but certainly not least, we ordered the beef teriyaki because we needed our fix of meat. My mom was hesitant to order this because she thought it was too much food, but she ended up loving it and wouldn’t stop telling us how much.  It ended up being pretty amusing. The meat is cooked perfectly pink, and it is laid on top of a bed of green beans that were also incredibly good. I think the teriyaki sauce can make or break the dishes depending on how sweet it is. I am happy to report that this one was the perfect amount.


All in all our meal at Sushi Damo was extraordinary. We left extremely satisfied and slept like babies after a long day of hard work.

by: Nicole Meyer

Nicole Meyer grew up in Mexico City, with a family who always loved to travel, experience new things and dine out. After high school, she moved to Washington DC, where she currently attends George Washington University. Nicole never misses a chance to try a new restaurant and experience new flavors. As DC’s culinary scene grows she loves to follow it along. Stay tuned for reviews on the latest and best restaurants of the district.