Mexico’s Fruits and Flavors

The flavors and colors of Mexican fruits are extraordinary. The variety of the fruits and the different uses we give them can be very interesting for any foreigner visiting Mexico. You can find them anywhere from street carts with pieces of fruit to grab a snack to stores with popsicles and ice creams made with unique fruit flavors. Some of these fruits such as zapote negro, mamey and guanabana you will only find in Mexico and some South American countries.


Zapote negro from the nahuatl term «tzapotl»  refers to a group of tropical fruits. Its also know as chocolate pudding fruit for its chocolate and nutty texture and flavor. Mamey fruit has a flesh ranging from pink to orange and red, it is soft and creamy. On the other hand guanabana has a white flesh with dark brown seeds, its popular to use in juices and its a great source of Vitamin C.


Two of the most famous places that sell ice cream and popsicles in Mexico City are La Michoacana and Nevería Roxy. Roxy as locals call it opened its doors in 1946 in the Condesa neighborhood. Don Carlos and Doña Maria Luisa started the business and since then has been run by the family through 5 generations. Locals can enjoy their diverse menu of flavors ranging from strawberry, mamey, guanabana and tamarind to  the classic such as vanilla and chocolate. There are five different stores around the city for people to enjoy their diverse products. La Michoacana started around 1940 in Tocumbo, Michoacan. Michoacan is a state in the south west of Mexico popular for being the wintering grounds for the monarch butterflies. The history of this ice cream and popsicle store, says that Agustín Andrade and Ignacio Alcázar where the founders. They started opening stores around the country but the people who worked in them where always from Tocumbo, Michoacan. It is said that the name was trademarked only in Mexico so there are a few stores in the US with the same name although the owners are different.  La Michoacana has many stores in Mexico City and you can get ice cream, popsicle and also fruit flavored waters. I would definitely recommend going to either of these places if you are ever in Mexico, my favorite flavors are mamey and guanabana popsicle. If you go to La Michoacana in Prado Norte don’t miss the agua de horchata made out of rice with a touch of vanilla.