Puebla 109 Mexico City

As a globe trotter and foodie by heart I am always excited to try new places out. Valentine’s was the perfect occasion to go have dinner and drinks at a cool hotspot. After some digging we decided Puebla 109 was the option and fell in love with it! The neighborhood is the trendiest in the city especially at night. The restaurant has a hipster vibe to it which I enjoyed. We asked for some drinks and they suggested gin tonics. We got our drinks in some pretty big glasses but the most creative thing was the ice. It wasn’t the regular ice you would expect in any other place, the ice was in the form of a big sphere with rose petals in the inside. That was a unique touch I had never seen before! For dinner we had a buratta salad, some pita chips with hummus and a beef carpaccio. Every dish was absolutely delicious!

I absolutely recommend this place for drinks and/or dinner. The whole restaurant is really enjoyable and you can have a great conversation with out the music being too loud. The neighborhood is the place to be on weekends and this is one of the hotspots in the city.


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