Playa del Carmen

Being in my mid- twenties means many of my friends are starting to get married. This can be lots of fun especially when it comes down to bachelorette trips. Last weekend I went with 8 of my friends to Playa del Carmen. In case you don’t know «Playa» as everybody calls it is located one hour away from Cancun. Playa has a more hipster European vibe than Cancun.

After all the shlep from Mexico City we finally got there and where really excited about our weekend. We decided to stay at Aldea Thai, this place rents out apartments at a very reasonable price. We had an apartment with two double bedrooms and a rooftop with a private pool. Each girl paid $200 dlls for three nights…

During the weekend there where two restaurants that stood out and I would definitely recommend to anyone going to Playa. The first one is the Aguachiles. This hotspot is a great secret in Playa, it is a casual restaurant on a corner street of 5th avenue the main pedestrian street. The aguachiles serve all type of seafood but the most popular dish is raw fish or shrimp with different types of sauces. Some sauces are  Maggi, Green Salsa with Avocado and Habanero. The raw tuna tostadas are also delicious in this restaurant! The other place I would definitely recommend is Skinny Bikini Potatoes. This spot serves baked potatoes with all kind of toppings. You can have a potatoe with shrimp, meat or with plain cheese. It’s a unique cheap place to eat, perfect for going after the beach just remember to take cash because they don’t accept credit cards.

Lastly there are two beach clubs I would recommend. The first day we went to Canibal Royal which is a 5 minute taxi ride away. This beach club is small and secluded in the beach so it’s not as crowded. It can get very hot because there is not a lot of wind but the place is worth it. You can rent out big beds for 5-8 people or individual ones. The food is delicious and the drinks are amazing! We drank vodka cucumber the whole day and had a blast. The other beach club is called Mamitas and it’s the most popular one. This one is in a public beach so it can get extremely crowded, they don’t accept reservations so I would suggest to get there early to get a good spot. The place is fun and the ocean is great to swim in. My only complaint would be the service as the waiters are not very friendly. The food is so-so but you can always walk to 5th avenue and grab something to eat. Mamitas is right next to Aldea Thai so the location is very convenient. I would definitely recommend Playa del Carmen to go with friends and even family. The place is unique and not as touristy as Cancun. The beach is amazing and I can assure you will have a great time!

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